Bat Removal

Complete Bat Removal Process


Complete Home Inspection

Before deciding on a bat removal method, we conduct a full inspection to see what is going on, where the animals are getting in and where the vulnerable areas may be.


Humane Bat Removal

Once the entry point has been identified, we then form a plan to remove the bats humanely and also quickly so that further damage or gunao accumulation can not happen.

Bat Exclusion and Home Seal Up

Once the bats in the attic have been excluded from the home, we then seal the remaining open areas of the structure so bats can not re-enter a new area of the home. 

Damage Repair & Guano Cleanup

Once all of the areas of the home have been sealed and bat proofed, we then clean up any bat droppings (guano) accumulation, which can also require attic restoration.

About Us

We are fully insured and licensed in the state of Michigan for removing bats in the attic. We offer comprehensive solutions for getting rid of bats with safety and efficiency being our top priority. We only use the latest bat removal methods and equipment, as we continually innovate new techniques as well as attend training and certification courses led by bat biologists. 

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