Bat Removal Services In Michigan

Finding bats in your home is an unwanted discovery for any homeowner, and has the potential to be not only expensive but dangerous for your health. The priority is to make sure that the problem is dealt with quickly and completely, to reduce the risk of reinfestation once the source of the problem has been identified, our next step is to remove the bats in a humane way. Dealing with bats can be tricky; if they are moved or evicted illegally during the course of the maternity season, the pups are very likely to die. As wildlife professionals, we will be able to advise you on the safest season to carry out the removal to ensure the welfare of the animals.

Our services include bat removal in Rochester Hills, Southfield, West Bloomfield, Pontiac, Novi, Royal Oak, Bloomfield, Commerce, Orion, Independence, Madison Heights, White Lake, Oak Park, Auburn Hills, Birmingham, Oxford, Ferndale, Highland, Lyon, Oakland, Hazel Park, Milford, Berkley, Brandon, Southfield, Springfield, Wixom and many more areas.

When we come to remove the bats, the first step is to remove the animals themselves before checking the space for any guano – or bat droppings. These are very strong smelling and will be easily identified. It is best left to professionals to remove and deal with.

Both the guano and the bats themselves can cause significant damage to your loft insulation, and we would recommend that this is removed as part of our treatment – this is the best way to prevent a reinfestation. We will bag up the insulation and remove it from the space, before vacuuming and droppings which may remain. This is followed by a complete re-insulation and a final check that all entry points have been identified and sealed.

Only once we are totally satisfied that all traces are removed will we sign off on the job.

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Why Do I Need To Remove Bats?

Bats can cause significant damage to your property, and their droppings are a very unpleasant odor to live with, but there is another reason it is so important to get them removed as soon as possible.

Bat droppings can release Histoplasma capsulatum spores which are very dangerous if inhaled and can result in a condition called histoplasmosis. Some bat colonies have the potential to reach up to 40 animals, and they tend to deposit their droppings immediately below the site they choose to roost in. It is easy to see how your attic can quickly become completely overtaken in a very short space of time and pose a potential hazard to the health of you and your family.

We ensure that all removals are complete, and will work hard to eliminate all traces of bats and guano from your home, leaving you healthy and happy.

Exclusion and Prevention

The easiest way to keep your home bat free is to make sure that they are not able to enter in the first place. The best way to do this is to seal all potential entry points, and our experts have the skills and experience to identify such areas and deal with them appropriately.

There are some common indications that you may have a bat problem, and identifying these early on allows us to get in and tackle the problem much sooner. If you notice droppings around the home, broken or damaged roof tiles, greasy marks and stains around doors and windows, loose flashing, strange cracks or crevices, or damage to vents, it is a good idea to give us a call; we can investigate the situation with an experienced eye, and seal any entry points which may be tempting for bats.

Call our experts

When it comes to removing bats, it is always a good idea to call in the professionals rather than attempting a DIY approach. Guano can be very dangerous if breathed in, and so this is a job which requires specialist equipment and skills. As we mentioned, there is a risk that you could interfere with pups if you attempt to move the bats at the wrong time, and this is something else we can help with.

For total peace of mind, and the assurance of a complete job, leave this to the professionals. Our service covers every stage of the job, from the initial inspection to removal, to sealing and a final check. The cost can be a little high due to the specialist nature of the work, but it is a small price to pay to ensure the health and comfort of you and the members of your household.