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Nuisance Lansing Bats in the Attic

image of pest wildlife needing control servicesLooking for bat exclusion near me in Lansing and wildlife services near Lansing? We remove bats near me in the attic, chimneys, and other areas of the residential location and commercial buildings utilizing the humane approach of during the project date, live bat exclusion. We get the attic bats out by sealing the entire Lansing structure, hanging one-way exclusion devices over the entry points to let them out,  and not back inside. Bat Guano Cleanup and Attic Remediation in Lansing MI is a service we can offer once we eliminate the bats at a later project date. Animal issues will often leave a mess in the attic, especially when a large colony has taken residence in the attic of a house. We eliminate the attic bat guano or animal droppings, which is a less expensive than full attic restoration, or we can get rid of & replace all of the attic insulation. This Lansing attic restoration project process involves sucking out all the insulation with an attic vac, blowing it into a dumpster, sanitizing, and after that changing the attic with newly blown insulation.  Lansing MI homeowner insurance policies for guano clean up will vary from policy to policy.

Animal Inspection For Attic Bats In Lansing Michigan

picture of pest trapping service Lansing MichiganThe nuisance species that we usually discover causing animal problems are normally Big Brown Bats. Little Browns Bats used to be the most typical species in Lansing. Call for Bat Removal services in Michigan to ensure they are all evacuated during the removal process in the attic for your wildlife services project. There are 2 types of bat colonies in your attic location. The very first is a “maternity colony” that consists of females that take care of their pups. 

6 Common Removal Questions For Lansing Bat Attic Restoration

  1. How to remove bats in the attic?
  2. How to clean your attic after you’ve had guano piles?
  3. What kinds of illness do they spread?
  4. How do you discover the attic areas where bats are getting in?
  5. What does guano look like?
  6. Can I utilize traps to capture attic bats?

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Bat Removal Lansing and Prevention With Bat Exclusion

picture of MI bat control in atticThey are the scarier attic wildlife that homeowners have to deal with in their houses to date. Bats do choose to roost in caves but when needed produce a creature control safe attic environment in an attic or barn. Emergency bat control and wildlife services professionals for creature control in the attic location will not just get rid of bats from your attic, we prevent their return through the installation of excluders.

Lansing, MI Bat Exclusion For Bat in Attic

The attic bat eviction project date is the procedure in which they are eliminated from your attic. A bat excluder will be set up so they leave the attic location and don’t return. Getting rid of a bat colony from your attic is just one part of the creature control battle when needing wildlife services. They will seek ways into your attic, back to their roosting location if allowed. Our bat exclusion devices and total attic exclusion process will make sure the colony is gone.  In our county we offer critter control services for wild raccoon and wildlife control company to catch and repair the entry point. 

Lansing Attic Remediation Inspection After Exclusion For Bat

Among the most regrettable aspects of having a bat problem project (or wildlife issues in general) is that it isn’t over even if the animal has actually been eliminated from your attic. Bat guano and urine collect when a colony exists in your attic location. Not only is their waste unhygienic it can lead to a loss of energy from damage to the home’s insulation. Animal Control’s restoration project team will not only get rid of the materials infected by the bat colonies invasion but will also cleanup guano and urine-soaked insulation and floor covering, changing what has been ruined. 

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Professional Bat Removal Services in Lansing Michigan

When it comes to wildlife control in Lansing Michigan, we are experts on handling bats in the attic that have made it their new home. Our team annually undergoes bat specific training to stay current on the latest bat removal methods and exclusion materials. This insures we are always able to provide the fastest, safest and most effective services.

Quality Bat Prevention After Removal is Complete

Once bats have been removed, the odors left behind are attractive to new bats. Unknown to many, putting bat guano inside bat boxes is how attraction to the box is done. As a Ridge-Guard certified company, we know the importance of being able to expertly seal up all areas of a home and have extensive experience in sealing holes in unique situations.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Bat Damages or Removal?

The majority of homeowner insurance policies will have specific coverage regarding bat damages. Some may offer coverage for damaged insulation, but not bat guano reamoval. This is why it is importatn that bat removal is done as soon as possible to avoid the need to remove large amounts of bat droppings.

What is the Lansing, MI bat control process?

  1. Thorough Home Inspection
  2. Trap Setup and Animal Removal
  3. Entry Point Repair and Closure 
  4. Squirrel Exclusion and Proofing
  5. Damage Repairs and Clean up


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