West Bloomfield, Michigan

West Bloomfield Michigan

West Bloomfield Township, formally the Charter Township of West Bloomfield, is a relatively small township in the far southwestern corner of Oakland County, in the state of Michigan. It’s one of only a handful of municipalities in this area with a population over 100,000. It’s also one of the least affluent communities in Michigan and has the second-lowest per capita income in the state. As of 2020, the township’s population was just over 64,000.

Although there are many businesses in West Bloomfield, few people live there. The town was once one of the largest lumber yards in the nation, but today it is one of America’s poorest. The poverty rate in West Bloomfield is more than twice as high as the state’s average, according to the US Census Bureau.

Many of the schools in West Bloomfield are among the highest poverty rates in the entire state. The school district serves nearly 500 students in grades K-8, and the majority of the students come from families that earn less than $40,000 annually.

Public safety is not a concern in West Bloomfield, even though a significant number of people live in poverty in the neighborhood. Crime is not a problem in West Bloomfield. The only violent crime in the area is robbery. It’s also one of only a few neighborhoods in Michigan that doesn’t have a fire station.

One of the reasons why there’s a low crime rate in the area is because most of the residents live in homes that are in good condition, and the blighted areas are filled with vacant lots and abandoned homes. This means that there’s not much activity around most of the houses, and most of them are well cared for.

Another reason why there’s a high unemployment rate in this part of Oakland County is because of its geography. Although the surrounding suburbs are prosperous, it’s difficult to get to work in these areas because of the limited access to mass transit. and highways.

In addition to being a poor area, West Bloomfield has other problems, such as low crime rates. and high crime rates.

The school district has a high percentage of high school graduates, but because the majority of its students go on to college and work outside of the community, its overall quality is not as great. However, its schools perform well enough to allow a small number of students to attend a private school or a public school.

Many of the middle schools and junior highs have high quality public schools. West Bloomfield offers several different choices for students, ranging from public charter schools to private schools. Most of the public schools are accredited by the Michigan Department of Education.

Some of the private schools in the area are not as well-respected as the public schools, but still have some advantages over the public schools. Private schools provide a more focused curriculum. and a more personalized approach to learning for students in various age groups.

Students in the private schools also are able to take extra courses that their public school counterparts do not offer. Many of the private schools offer extra-curricular activities, such as art classes, music classes, drama clubs and sports. The more specialized the course offerings, the more competitive the competition for students.

The West Bloomfield community college also offers a large selection of programs. It’s a great choice for people who are looking to major in a technical or career field. There are also career and community college programs for students in the area. Many of these programs allow students to complete their degrees online.

It’s also possible for students in the community to earn an associate’s degree through one of the two community colleges in the area. The community colleges also offer online bachelor degree programs in several major areas of study.