What is a bat bug? It appears like it might be the answer to a silly riddle, like “What do you get when you cross a bat and a bug?” But bat bugs are real insects that you might discover in your house or company, especially if you reside in the Midwestern United States. To know more look for Rochester Hills Michigan bat control.

But can you get diseases from bat bugs? And can they infest your house? Below, you’ll discover some essential realities that everybody should know about the bat bug

Satisfy the bat bug.

Bat bugs are members of the Cimicidae family of insects. They’re really loved ones to another household pest– the common bed bug.

Unlike the common bed bug, however, bat bugs do not prefer to eat human blood, though they will if requirement be. As their name recommends, their first choice of food is bat blood. There’s a good factor for this choice, too. Bat bugs can not reproduce without their bat hosts.

In addition, they’re most typically discovered in the places bats like to roost, such as attics or chimneys. If the bats take off for a brand-new home or die out, bat bugs will move downstairs and can show up in bed mattresses and beds.

Comparing Bat Bugs and Bed Bugs

You ‘d most likely need a microscope to inform bat bugs and bed bugs apart. The main physical distinction in between these two insects is that the hairs on the upper thorax regions of bat bugs are longer than those of bed bugs.

Do bat bugs carry diseases?

Like bed bugs, bat bugs do not infect people with illness when they bite. That doesn’t suggest their bites are pleasant. And they bring pathogens on their bodies that can be spread by their activities, so you definitely do not wish to find these critters in your bed, couch or office chair. In addition, where there are bat bugs, there are– or were– bats.

While bats play an essential function in our environment, you don’t want them in your home, as they carry illness that can be transmitted to people, including rabies. Also, even if the bats have flown off in search of another roost, their feces, which are called “guano,” can spread histoplasmosis to people. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance (CDC), these diseases can often be fatal if left without treatment.

What should you do if you believe you have bat bugs?

If you identify what you believe is a bat bug, you ought to call your pest control professional as soon as possible. A qualified service technician can evaluate the circumstance and figure out whether you may have bat bugs or bed bugs in your house. If you do have bat bugs, you’ll want to make certain your technician implements steps to represent the bats or remaining guano that might be in your house. And if it ends up you have bed bugs, you’ll still require to work with a pest control professional to tailor a treatment strategy.

Have you seen an insect that might be a bat bug or bed bug? Don’t panic. A specialist can assist you to set up a pest control strategy that matches the requirements of your house.


How To Find A Bat Hiding In Your House?