How do you chase a bat out of your attic?

Chasing bats out of your attic is far from simple. The procedure consists of several steps, each of which requires the attention of a professional. So, if you are looking for Rochester Hills Michigan bat control, make sure to contact our team!

1) You’ve currently sealed shut the holes and spaces that the bats aren’t actively utilizing, but COULD possibly use to get back in when blocked out. You’ve followed my bat repairs procedure to utilize proper materials.

2) Second, you’ve determined the types of bat during your bat inspection process, by observing them in the attic, by viewing them fly out of the home at dusk, and by analyzing the bat poop that you see in the attic or the ground below the entry holes. You’ve looked into when they have their young (summer season for all species), so that you don’t do your exclusion during the bat maternity season.

3) Okay third, now you have to set the proper exclusion device on the bat exit gaps and holes. Here is the basic concept: the device has to be set on the exit hole/gap in such a way that the bats are able to naturally exit the structure as they constantly do. In addition, the device must be configured so that the bats are not able to fly back in when they attempt to return.

Exclusion Devices

1/4 inch poly netting – a great all-purpose bat internet with a small sufficient grade to prevent the bats from getting stuck in the mesh or strangled. It should be set correctly though, to enable the bats to fly out however not fly back in. Making this shape right is an art, like sculpture. I normally set netting on long spaces with clear exit routes. Often you have to extrude the web with brackets to enable enough clearance for the bats. They won’t leave the structure if there’s an obstruction in the way.

I usually use screening on smaller spaces nearby to flat surfaces. Make sure there are no gaps on the edges that enable the bats back in!

Funnels – funnels made of different materials, from clear plastic to 1/4 inch steel screening, work extremely well in some situations. Even a little water bottle, cut open at both ends, can work! I do not utilize funnels if there are a great deal of bats, due to the fact that of the bottleneck (metaphorical, not actual, the neck of a bottle would be too narrow). Funnels are best utilized in locations with horizonal or difficult architecture, when the bats are overlooking of a small hole.

Batcones – these are unique funnels with a tapered body and accessory wings that you can purchase online.

SUGGESTION: Do at least one sunset bat observation to identify the most popular points of entry and exit. This will tell you where to set the exclusion gadgets.

IDEA: I typically set these exclusion gadgets in the evening, when a good % of the bats are already out. I’ve discovered that with a big colony, if a few of the preliminary scout team does not leave since they watch out for the exclusion gadget, that results in a backup. If you do it during the night, a number of the bats have left when things were clear and easy, and then the exclusion devices clear out the remaining bats inside.

4) Leave the exclusion gadgets up for at least three days to be sure. Display each night, and if you can get up, at dawn, to see how the bats are reacting. If you still hear bat chirping inside or any other indication after the 2nd day, you’ve done something incorrect! Remove the exclusion gadgets instantly and start over.

5) After you make sure all the bats are out, eliminate the exclusion devices and seal the final holes/gaps shut.

Due to the fact that it’s so much easier to identify all the gaps and crack at night while focusing a high-beam headlamp on the building. You might believe this is ridiculous or counter-intuitive, but once again, I’ve done hundreds of bat tasks, and I’ve learned that the work is more efficient this way. You ‘d be amazed at the holes you see at night that escape you by day, and the bat habits you see that make sure 100% success.


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